Can’t get it (enough)

She wanted everything. Except the cars, the clothes, the house, the status, the fame. So, scratch that. She just wanted him. …Well, not him. She’s not saying this right, as usual. It would be nice to have him but. More than anything she wanted safe. You know, like, you got her back, you’ll hold her […]

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“You look pretty…I look pretty…why don’t we go home and stare at each other?”

The words contained an emotion Sam couldn’t grasp. Anger? Contrition? Sam pulled the rest of his tie through the loop and straightened it. “I don’t understand,” the other man responded again, as he set on the edge of the bed, stomach teetering over the red boxer shorts littered with tiny Johnny Bravo faces, as pudgy […]

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Some kind of love

It was how we came together. We harnessed the void, trained it for our use and created a new life. It was difficult in the beginning. Her being afraid and skeptical and me, preoccupied with my insecurities and wary of the world. But we fought through it. Threaded our dreams around our wrists with barbed […]

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A Day in the Life of…

The monster is a shadow but it’s solid. I welcome feedback. Jay’s feet dangle off the side of the porch, wind tangling around his shoelaces, whipping them back and forth against the blades of grass. “Can you please just come?,” he says into the phone wedged in between his ear and shoulder. He couldn’t be […]

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Killer Team

She was still amazed at how easy it was to work with him. When they first met, she’d actually considered him a mark. For he was too impulsive and not self-aware. She didn’t think he could possibly work in the same field as her. She quickly learned not to estimate him. That night, he took […]

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He didn’t necessarily feel cheated but it was unfair. Their final days were fraught with pain and nights with bliss. It wan’t supposed to end this way, with her gone. She was meant to stay. She promised him. He can admit that J had more years than him but what does that mean in the […]

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