“You look pretty…I look pretty…why don’t we go home and stare at each other?”

The words contained an emotion Sam couldn’t grasp. Anger? Contrition?

Sam pulled the rest of his tie through the loop and straightened it. “I don’t understand,” the other man responded again, as he set on the edge of the bed, stomach teetering over the red boxer shorts littered with tiny Johnny Bravo faces, as pudgy fingers joined and rejoined each other in the darkness of the room.

Sam shook his head, not understanding what the other man couldn’t get. It was a hookup. A one time thing that will never happen. He could never take him out, show him off to friends or family or claim him as a significant other. That’s it.

The man obviously didn’t care about the way he looked. The kids would never accept him into their life. What if he wore a Teen Titans shirt to the park or bought his daughter a Powerpuff Girls Halloween costume? Sam could imagine the horror on their faces. After all, they were strictly Nickelodeon family.


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