Flash Fiction Challenge Prompts

Writing Prompts from ¬†http://100-prompts.livejournal.com/692.html 001. Threat 002. Empire 003. Falter 004. Compliment 005. Glass 006. Honour 007. Work 008. Jealous 009. Strings 010. Semantics 011. Innocence 012. Dispose 013. Blaze 014. Neglect 015. Quake 016. Guess 017. Quarrel 018. Brood 019. Effort 020. Now 021. Solve 022. Rest 023. Soon 024. Listen 025. Haze 026. […]

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Locked Out

photo by Jake Oates via Unsplash Locked out The fence went up a day ago; they were notified of the shelter’s closing 3 days ago. The council members, the mayor and public came to the announcement ceremony. “A historic day,” they said. “The first step in their plan to better serve the most vulnerable.” After […]

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Good cops?

i do not care about good cops i do not want to hear about good cops when this cop abuses a Black or brown body i do not want to hear about the commitment of the force when this cop terrorizes a Black or brown or Muslim or immigrant community i do not care that […]

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